Sunday, September 27, 2009

Like an introvert

This weekend couldn't have been more spectacular. I got to spend Friday night with some good friends watching the beautifully done Ghostbuster films...for the first time: " you smell something?"

Saturday morning brought a couple of sets of tennis that were far better than last week for the both of us. We might have looked somewhat competent this week. Night ushered in Thermo homework while watching Fight Club, a fantastic combination if ever there was one.

And now Sunday I got to go to church with my roommate from last year at my school church home, followed by lunch at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Quiet sure, but that's how I like them. Our house finally wasn't host to a party which meant no tripping over who knows what on Saturday morning. AMEN!

...I drew my overshirt.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Curses on fire-alarms

I've been known to rant in the past about the fire alarms in Kalsbeek-Huizenga, the dorm I lived in during the last two years. The new addition to the dorm apparently wreaked some havoc with the electrical systems, and additionally people find it funny to pull the things at 3 in the morning. Well fine, I can deal with that, very explainable: wiring and college kid antics. I absolutely enjoyed my time there, and kind of expected to be free of that in our new house. Until I realized the guys who I live with and I are cursed. Last night, inexplicably, our fire alarm went off three times in 20 minute spurts for a duration of about 3 seconds each time. This was just enough to wake us up sufficiently. Our fire alarms are of the kind that yell, "fire!" in addition to beeping, so that was kind of annoying. By the third time, one of us had a bat, and was hell-bent on hurting anyone who wasn't us in the house. Of course no one could be found, so we've just chalked it up to a curse. If there are no unexplained alarms in KH this year, we'll know it was us. We'll also probably defecate in our respective pantses.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boot to the head

I managed to incur a strange injury while running the other day. My roommate Mark and I started running together Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3 miles. Not a ton, but with the idea of staying in shape. Our route takes us down Lake Drive, which has no sidewalk and is particularly busy, so we run along the side on the grass and among trees. Some of these trees/bushes hang particularly low on the side, which isn't a too much of a problem. Anyway, I kind of bumped one of these low-hanging pieces of foliage and didn't think much of it. Well, later as we were jogging past the dorms, I had gotten particularly sweaty, so I went to enthusiastically rub my face on the shoulder part of my shirt. Sweat in the eyes is certainly no fun. So I plunged my face into my shirt, and instead of becoming dry, my face and eyes were penetrated by a nest of burrs that was stuck to my shoulder. Clearly not a horrible injury, but the sweat filling the cut sure made it smart.

In other news, as I was composing this, I got a twitter update from Don Miller about the manuscripts they are hiding around the nation to promote his new book. One was in Grand Rapids, on Wealthy St.: Yesterdog! In mid post, I left with a housemate to scurry over there. It turns out that someone had gone in 5 minutes before we got there. Quite a bummer. Oh well, now I can finish this post.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Momentous Occasion

Moments ago I created my first program using the C++ language. The program is so complex that I'm going to have trouble explaining it to the plebs. Those who know a bit about C++ will understand how momentous this program is. I'll throw a bone to the rest of you that can't appreciate upfront the wizardry involved: It cures cancer while creating excess food, and distributes the food simultaneously to those who need it most (also, the food is delicious).

I know, I can tell that you're all impressed. You wish you had thought of it first. Sorry folks, history favors the dutch kid from West Michigan with no skillz. There's nothing to be done about it.

As an aside, I've had no luck displaying the code with correct formatting using the blogger, the small ineffectual .bmp will have to suffice.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

To a new year

Huzzah and such, for a nascent semester is upon us. This year is notable personally because it is the year when I end my reliance on the cooking of others. I will be attempting to cobble together food-looking stuffs for my own consumption. You can point to this post in the future if I: a) Die of starvation or b) Am found auto-poisoned to death. It was probably my fault. My mob ties had nothing to do with it.

Fall 2009 brings a new roommate in Mark. Nate and I live in different rooms for the first time in two years, so that's kind of weird as well. We finally got our things moved in and settled now, so I can relax a bit before the academic rigor begins. The good news: Mark's already playing vinyls as I write this. The neutral news: he has enough wines and whiskeys to float several ships. The bad news: none yet, unless his calm, small exterior hides an abusive step-father.

[Removed: boring details about how hard I think this year will be academically.]

I think it's also worth noting that I will be traveling to and from school via bicycle this year. Hopefully it will only be raining on weekends.