Monday, July 28, 2008

Nothing less than angels

Begin quietly with a gum-speckled hardwood floor, breeze catching black curtain lightly while the gods of the evening prepare. Come the early evening, patrons shuffle in excited, verbose, eccentric, emo, spritely, matter-rich, tight, pants...rockers all. The first offering of the evening is well...expected, received thankfully yet everyone is perhaps glad it's over. Brothers astounds, delights, impresses and will have a hard time explaining what the ink used to mean to their grandchildren. Then in the lull...bodies shuffle forward, jockey for position, awaiting, knowing. Green, chains, in the dead march, ready to mosh with the living...and they do in the wars of the future! The speakers flare their nostrils and proclaim the sounds of the most magnificent screaming rock to grace the basement stage...CROWS!! Madness ensues as girls, boys, men and women join in a frenzy that throws off the chains of society to the primal excitement of simply letting oneself become uninhibited. Finally the throng pays homage to the movement of time and change of scene. They are energetic, yet know that their allegiance lies mostly elsewhere. What a bunch of fools we lovers are.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Sometimes I find myself languishing in mediocrity and normalcy. These lulls are hardly unique to me, but vary in severity and style from person to person. I have a friend though, who never seems to have this. When I hang out with him, or go to concerts with him, he always seems to be into something new...I love this about him. Not having been to many concerts, I think that I've gone with him to almost half of the concerts I've ever been to. The thing is though, he finds these obscure local bands that just have the tendency to blow my socks off, such as Lights at Sea. He's introduced me to bands such as Porcupine Tree and Dredg. The music they play is just amazing (especially when you're watching a codeine pill spin for the duration of a 17 minute song *cough* Anesthetize *cough*) and I feel alive. Anyway, this post is a shout out to him.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


The mind is beautiful, terrible and confusing. During the course of my day today I planned out circumstances for years ahead of me, which will probably never happen. I think we do this because we revert from normal thought back to our most basic of instincts. I was musing about what will/would/won't happen solely based on my own experiences and desires, not at all taking into account what others might think or do. It can be a very egocentric experience to delve within one's desires...scary sometimes, bittersweet others. We/I/You fight this every day as we live among eachother.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Desperate, Futility

Look down on a swathe so large as to include both poles and no one is seen. Look past the clouds, see the cities; they are behemoths that stretch to consume all green things, built by a species that is conquer-centric. Can you see the breadth of human emotion from such places? Angst, terror, despair, The inhabitants care only for themselves (this summer, this school year). No one will remember you, no one will care. You have only this time, make of it what you want. There is no time for empathy...only self. Our minds wither as though the life giving springs of compassion have been dammed up. The only salvation I've found, at the cost of everything, is grasped by precious few, misrepresented by many. The saviour gives strength, but you, I must take hold of it for ourselves.