Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My top 10 favorite rappers

Links are to youtube or vimeo (*cough* Jay Z on Tidal *cough*).
They're mostly NSFW lyrically.

In no particular numerical order, except via tiers:

1. Biggie
2. Gift of Gab
3. Q-Tip and Phife Dawg
4. Eminem

5. Rakim
6. Jay-Z
7. Nelly
8. André 3000

9. Tupac
10. Nicki Minaj

Bonus, honorable mention
11. Boots Riley
12. Lil Wayne

I'll recognize the unquestionable brilliance of others such as Nas, Killer Mike, and Mike Shinoda too.

This list brought to you because I just watched Lin-Manuel Miranda do his top 5.

The criterion was personal preference via lyricism mostly.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Hey White People!

Black fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons are being murdered.

The state is essentially sanctioning these lynchings, and you aren't saying much of anything.

What many of you ARE saying is that "all lives matter," or looking for justification for the murders.

The rest of you aren't saying anything at all. You're posting about the fourth of July, or about emails that should have been more secured. Maybe you don't like to "get political."

It's fine to not get political if you're white, because you can afford to. This political cycle won't change much for you. You'll complain about Trump or Clinton for a few years.

Everything is political for black people; they have no choice, because they are dying at the hands of the state. They are dying for no reason, in most cases innocent. In the case of allegations, they are being executed instead of receiving trial.

I'm not choosing to write this because I'm a conservative or a liberal. I'm writing this because people are dying and few of my white friends are saying anything at all. My black friends are saying plenty, but I'm not convinced you're listening.

All lives won't matter until black lives matter, so save that s*** for another day. I chose to use that crass word, because it speaks to the nature of the "all lives matter" statement.

ALM is willful ignorance and white silencing of the devastation and horror that black families feel when their fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters are killed at the hands of those supposed to be protecting them. No one disputes that life matters. It's in our Declaration of Independence. We get it. It's supposed to matter.

I'm not blaming you or myself for hating black people, because most of you DON'T.

I'm not blaming you for anything.

But if you stay silent now, or the next time, or refuse to LISTEN and LEARN and EDUCATE yourselves, you are becoming complicit. Your silence is deafening. And that is worthy of blame.